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Students’ Testimonies

Online Presentation Course - Video Testimony by Andrew Chow
“This is the best online presentation makeover video course I have ever attended. There are so many different ways to make the slides help us convey a message with more impact and less cluster. I highly recommend this course to any mid to advanced level presenters who are serious about creating a lasting impression on your 1st presentation”

Andrew Chow | Social Media Strategist
Ideasmart, Singapore

Video Testimony by APM Global
“The online presentation course is well-worth the time and investment. I was able to revamp my slides in a few short hours and the end result was awesome. The slides are now clear, simple and focused”

Burt Lee | Sales Director
APM Global, Singapore

Online Presentation Course - Video Testimony by Edsel Tan
“I was producing ugly slides no matter how hard I tried. Now, I am very excited to finally have a step-by-step approach on what to do to create captivating slides for my prospect. As a result, I literally have more business now than I can handle personally.”

Edsel Tan | Regional Pdt Manager
Amadeus IT Group, Thailand

Video Testimony by Hout, CDS
“After taking this online presentation course, I am now able to create better presentation slides without too many words. My customers are able to understand what I want to share with them quickly.”

Hout | IT Manager
CDS, Cambodia

Online Presentation Course - Video Testimony by Kaming
“When creating my presentation decks, I always ended up being too wordy and long-winded. Henry has given me a systematic approach on how to create great slides that are simple but still effectively convey the message that I need to get across.”

Ka-ming | Co-founder
Spendolater, Singapore